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Juyondai Ryugetsu Junmai Daiginjo Sake (1800ml)

Yamagata, JAPAN
$4499. 00
$53988.00 Dozen
ABV: 16%

The Juyondai Ryugetsu Junmai Daiginjo was hailed at the 2016 Sake Competition as being one of the best in show in the very competitive junmai daiginjo category. Made by gathering the essence of cold dripped sake over an extended period of time, for glitz and glamour in the world of Sake, look no further!

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This medium sweet NV Juyondai Ryugetsu Junmai Daiginjo is a brisk version of Ryusen or lighter version of Gold label. Light, restrained and elegant, it offers complex fruity notes and a silky texture. Perfectly balanced, it has a long-lasting and smooth finish. Rice: Yamada Nishiki. Seimai-buai: 40%. 16% Alc./Vol.
97 points
Liwen Hao - Wine Advocate (March 2019)