Juyondai Akaiwa Omachi Junmai Ginjo Sake (1800ml)
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Juyondai Akaiwa Omachi Junmai Ginjo Sake (1800ml)

Yamagata, JAPAN
$999. 00
$11988.00 Dozen
ABV: 15%

The "Juyondai" label represents a series of sake produced by Takagi Shuzo in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. The company was founded in 1615 and presently employs a mix of Yamada Nishiki and Special Grade A Aiyama rice. Their expressions have garnered a cult following and are highly sought after by aficionados.

Whereas Yamadanishiki is known as the king of sake rice, Omachi is hailed as the queen. Flavours here are often softer and fruitier, with melon, cantaloupe, and apple overlaying subtle herbaceous notes.

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This medium sweet NV Juyondai Akaiwa Omachi Junmai Ginjo shows restrained toasted rice, melon and candied peach scents, offering a creamy, savory and powerful texture. It has a long, spicy and sweet finish. Akaiwa is considered to be one of the best sites for Omachi in Okayama prefecture. Rice: Omachi. Seimai-buai: 50%. Alcohol: 15%.
91 points
Liwen Hao - Wine Advocate (Mar 01, 2019)