Cargo Cult Dry Spiced Rum (700ml)
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Cargo Cult Dry Spiced Rum (700ml)

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$875.88 Dozen
ABV: 38.5%
A curiously named spiced rum which references events in the South Pacific during World War II. Islanders were living with little contact with the outside world when they saw a fabulous wealth of goods rain from the sky as the American Army parachuted in tons of supplies ahead of the arrival of its troops. The islanders had never seen such a bounty and even after the cessation of hostilities, continued to worship the "cargo cult" in the belief that the gods would again deliver the goods they'd so enjoyed during the war.

Brand creator, Jonny Croft, adds, "John Frum's Cargo Cult Rum", drew on yet another element of islander folklore. John was a really popular name among the American troops and they'd introduce themselves (to the islanders) with a handshake, 'hi, I'm John from Alabama,', 'John from Mississippi', etcetera. All the islanders could understand was 'John Frum', so that's what they called all these strangers".

The rum sources sugarcane from the Ramu River Valley in Papua New Guinea as well as Fiji.

Tasting note: Polished brass / brilliant clarity. Enticing and well defined aromas of vanilla custard, ginger bread and later hints of clove and baklava; contrasts on the palate which is unexpectedly dry, light to medium bodied, featuring cinnamon, ginger and light vanilla ice cream; builds towards the finish where the grassy rum-base peaks through. Fades baklava-like yet dry with a spicy warmth carrying the aftertaste. A versatile and tasty alternative to saccharine spiced styles. 38.5% Alc./Vol.