Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2015

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$299.88 Dozen
Some may call it controversial, others enlightening, but few can argue its comprehensiveness. Jim Murray's Whisky Bible is an ongoing project, with the first of the series having been published in 2003. It is a compact guide containing every whisky that Murray and a team of researchers are able to source from the worldwide market.

Each whisky is tasted by Murray alone and graded out of an overall score of 100. This total is reflective of the four key criteria, with nose, taste, finish and balance each awarded marks out of 25. With every new edition of the Whisky Bible, Murray provides tasting notes and ratings for around 1,000 newly released or previously undiscovered whiskies, with over 4,500 brands being reviewed overall.

This the 12th Edition contains over 1000 new entries. Paperback.