Jim Beam Lineage Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (700ml)
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Jim Beam Lineage Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (700ml)

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ABV: 55%

"...a soothing and delightfully refined bourbon experience." - drinkhacker.com

In 2021, the number one-selling Bourbon brand in the world launched 'Lineage' – an ultra-luxe edition exclusive to travel retail. Distilled in 2004, it's the first collaboration between father and son, Fred and Freddie Noe and also marks the first time a Beam bottling bears Freddie’s name. The presentation is one of the best for Beam fans in recent decades; a wooden box with a brass placard engraved with batch and bottle number houses a chunky rectangular decanter topped by a large multifaceted stopper. The bespoke vessel also features the iconic Jim Beam seal, making the whiskey instantly recognisable. It looks every part a premium offering, backed up by what's inside the bottle.
The liquid was aged in Warehouse K and dumped at a much higher proof than normal (55% ABV), so you can expect everything you love about Beam to be amplified; notes of spice, vanilla and caramel lead into a perfectly balanced, warming finish. Fred Noe comments: “Lineage represents a significant moment in the history of Jim Beam. Not only is it a collaboration between the seventh and eighth generation of distillers in our family, but it’s a blend of the past, the present and the future. Having spent a lot of time exploring travel retail outlets in my time, it was important to me to offer something special to travellers – especially during these trying times. Launching a product exclusively to travel retail is not something we often do, so we are excited to bring such a unique expression to our friends in airports across the world.”

Ed Stening, Head of Marketing Global Travel Retail at Beam Suntory, adds: “The collaboration between Fred and Freddie is a landmark moment in Jim Beam’s long-standing history. The chemistry between the father and son duo is undeniable and has led to the creation of a truly unique whiskey. Championing innovation like this in travel retail is extremely important to us and something we’re committed to as we look to ensure the growth of the channel now and in the future.”

Other reviews... There’s instantly a lot to love here, and I don’t say that lightly. This is an exuberant, well-made product. The nose is just overflowing with spice, beautifully mixed with toasty oak, sesame, and a touch of peanut shell. Hints of tea leaf emerge with time in glass, giving the whiskey a certain exotic character. The palate again shows powerful bursts of baking spice and a smattering of fresh, green herbs. Butterscotch and, unusually, gingerbread notes quickly come to the fore, with notes of cloves and dark caramel washing over the experience in waves. Warming and satiating, the whiskey is even better with a little water, letting notes of chocolate and a stronger, brighter caramel note come to the fore. A gentle layer of spice lingers on the finish, making for a soothing and delightfully refined bourbon experience. This is a much different experience than Beam’s last 15 year old expression, Knob Creek 15 Years Old, so don’t feel like you’re doubling up if you’re considering adding both to your collection. - drinkhacker.com