Jim Beam Honey Bourbon Liqueur (700ml)

$34. 99
$419.88 Dozen
ABV: 30%

Honey Bourbon Liqueurs are seemingly all the rage in town - this is another to add to the mix. Jim Beam Honey combines real honey with the distillery's 4 year old Bourbon. The flavour is as you would expect, sweet and seductively smooth.

Other reviews... Flavoured whiskeys are all the rage in the States right now, and have been responsible for some impressive sales figures. Following on the heels of Red Stag, Jim Beam Bourbon has produced a honey-infused Bourbon, which by law must be described as a 'spirit drink.' The Beam take on whiskey and honey liqueur offers a floral nose, with coconut ice, honey, cinder toffee and developing vanilla, while the palate offers lots of not unexpected honey, along with caramel. Lingering honey in the soft, smooth finish. This works well when served 'on the rocks' or from the freezer. Rating: 3 Stars - whiskypages.comsize>

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