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Jensen's Bermondsey Dry Gin (700ml)

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ABV: 43%

"London Dry gin at its most refined." - martiniwhisperer.com

Founded by avid Gin historian, Christian Jensen, this micro distillery is at the vanguard of Gin distillation’s return to its spiritual home of London. Using a 500 litre stainless steel and copper still made by the UK's John Dore and Co., Head Distiller Dr Anne Brock meticulously crafts tiny batches based on Christian’s extensive research. Their Bermondsey expression is a nuanced interpretation of London Dry, alternatively described as a recreation of a lost, full-bodied style using a more balanced recipe than became common in the latter part of the century. Less juniper centric, it shines a light of the full spectrum of classic gin botanicals, making it the quintessential choice for dry Martinis. All botanicals are steeped in the still in British wheat base spirit. The precise list of ingredients remains undisclosed.

Our tasting found moderate aromas that are initially juniper-forward, then bordering on floral. Air contact adds subtle coriander, distant whiffs of black pepper, lemon peel and piney eucalyptus-like freshness. This is a gin that's easy to sip straight, with nicely integrated juniper, lemon myrtle and white pepper flavours and a creamy, delicate pine wood finish. All up, it's a soft, dry, middle-weight London Dry style to suit a variety of applications, with Martinis topping the list. 43% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... No one botanical dominated, rather it was a harmonious whole. Although it can be versatile enough in a range of cocktails, or a G+T, it seems to me that this gin is destined for the Martini. Clean, and subtle, you get the hints of the botanicals as you go along. A very agreeable cocktail hour companion indeed. It epitomised the class you expect from the golden era of Martinis in London at places like the Savoy or Dorchester.  Refinement in a glass. - martiniwhisperer.com

...Aroma of coriander and bright citrus notes are first to appear before juniper and a little licorice sets in. There may be less juniper in the batch, but because the gin lacks earthy, rooty aromas, it allows the other botanicals to rise higher and shine a little brighter. The gin is soft on your palate and seems to quickly leave without leaving much bitterness from the piney juniper. A hint of violet whispers to you an adieu. 90 points - distiller.com

4 Stars - www.diffordsguide.com