Inside Bordeaux by Jane Anson

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It’s easy to think that Bordeaux lacks the romance of Burgundy – a region more about money and marketing, rather than terroir.

But Jane Anson’s new book Inside Bordeaux proves just how much that isn’t the case. A definitive guide to the region – and companion volume to Jasper Morris MW’s Inside Burgundy ­- the 700-page book digs below the surface of the region to look at the people and terroir that make Bordeaux so exciting today.

As Adam Lechmere wrote in his review for Club Oenologique, this is “a book no Bordeaux lover should be without”.

Dr Jamie Goode also praises this book stating "Few wine books can be described as category busters. This term refers to the situation where competitors are totally outflanked in business: someone is doing something so well, or has such good first-mover advantage, that they rule a particular category, and can’t be beaten. There are three that have done this in the past: Hugh Johnson’s World Atlas of Wine; Jancis Robinson’s Oxford Companion to Wine; and the Vouillamoz/Harding/Robinson collaboration Wine Grapes. Now there’s a fourth: Jane Anson’s Inside Bordeaux."