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Inner Circle Black Dot 33 Overproof Rum 75.9% ABV (700ml)

Queensland, AUSTRALIA
$99. 99 Bottle
$1199.88 Dozen
ABV: 75.9%
The repackaged Inner Circle Black Dot is a new recipe, as well as new label and bottle shape. The key points are that it's now 100% Australian Rum, pot distilled and hand crafted at Beenleigh distillery. The old Black Dot was a blend of Australian and Fijian Rum. Also, it's now a minimum five years old, blended with some ten year old for smoothness and greater mouth feel.

Tasting note: Deeper and darker than Green Dot, the high ABV is immediately apparent: prickly wafts carry aromas of cinnamon, vanilla wafer, sticky date and peppercorns. Tastes like more column still than pot still with a supernova of bittersweet flavours that's somehow light on its feet: Vanilla cream and dark chocolate on entry, the mid palate is oily and mouth coating then finally estery through the finish. The aftertaste is fairly brisk for all its strength. 75.9% Alc./Vol.