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Hot Enough Vodka Co. 250,000 Scovilles Naga Chilli Flavoured Vodka (500ml)

$99. 99
$1199.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%

"Hotter than the Sun...Instant Insanity..."
Believe the hype - This Stuff is the Real Deal!

A further addition to the emerging new model of taste is a more generalized chemical sensitivity in the mouth, which in fact exists over the whole body (even mucus membranes in the anus are sensitive giving rise to the old Hungarian saying that "good paprika burns twice"). In the mouth, this general chemical and tactile irritability is primarily mediated by the trigeminal nerves in the tongue.(Also called the 'fifth' nerve, the trigeminal nerve is one of the twelve paired nerves that originate in the brain stem. It is both the main sensory nerve of the face and also has certain motor functions including biting, chewing and swallowing).

Substances such as ethanol and capsaicin cause a burning sensation by inducing a trigeminal nerve reaction together with normal taste reception. The two main plants providing this sensation are chilli peppers (those fruits of the Capsicum plant that contain capsaicin) and black pepper. Due to lack of a specific word for this flavour in English ("hot" properly refers to temperature; "spicy", to any spice), the French term 'piquant' is occasionally used.

If you're looking for some serious trigeminal stimulation, then this vodka is for you.
Rated at 250,000 on the Scoville Scale (yes, someone has created a scale to measure the heat factor of different chillies), this sits near the top of the firey pyre. If you're the adventurous type but still think this might be too much for you, be sure to have a slice (or a tin) of pineapple ready at hand. It's the best antidote to overwhelming chile heat.

N.B. - Any decent chilli product comes with warnings, as does this bottle, to the effect outlined below. Please read and if you're still game enough, proceed with caution.

1) I have been warned and fully understand that this product contains extreme heat and should be used and handled responsibly.
2) I use this product entirely at my own risk and I understand the potential danger if used or handled irresponsibly. If I give this product as a gift I will make the recipient aware of the potential danger if used or handled irresponsibly.
3) I accept that the retailer and manufacturer of this product will, under no circumstances, be responsible for, or liable for, any claims of injury or damage arising from the use or misuse of this product and by purchasing this product, whether for myself or as a gift, I acknowledge and agree to this fact without question.
4) I am not inebriated or of unsound mind and am fully able to make a rational decision to purchase this product.