Holyrood Height of Arrows Heavy Gin (700ml)
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Holyrood Height of Arrows Heavy Gin (700ml)

Edinburgh, SCOTLAND
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ABV: 46%

From an upstart distillery in Edinburgh comes their first official spirit: Holyrood Gin. With a penchant for thinking outside of the square, this is no ordinary gin. Drawing on the fact that whisky’s myriad flavours rely on a handful of ingredients, Height of Arrows rejects the idea of numerous botanical additions. And in the same way as toasted malt is employed for whisky production, roasting spices has long been known to extract a more complex flavour. So Holyrood roasted juniper, extracting more robust (or 'heavy') flavours that were then balanced by a small addition of sugar after distillation bringing a subtle sweetness. All up, it's really an Old Tom style gin, but expect it to taste a little different than most. 46% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... “A heavier, bolder version of Height of Arrows Gin, with deeper juniper than the original, more botanical intensity and a spicier profile overall. Delicious in a Negroni”. - Spirits Kiosk.