Hellyers Road Distillery Single Malt Australian Whisky Miniature Gift Pack (3x50ml)

$34. 99 Bottle
$419.88 Dozen
A neat little gift pack and the ideal way to introduce a friend to quality and diversity of Australian whisky styles. The pack includes one 50ml bottle of each of the Peated, Pinot Noir Finish and Original Hellyers expressions.

Hellyer's Road Distillery, named after a local landmark and explorer of note, was established and an all new purpose built operation was established on the Betta Milk site in Burnie, Tasmania. A cursory tour of Hellyer's Road leaves no question that this is a serious business, employing state of the art equipment and capable of large scale production. The flagship whiskies are distilled from Tasmanian grown malted barley using local rainwater, then matured in American white oak barrels.