Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros Rum (700ml)
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Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros Rum (700ml)

Havana, CUBA
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ABV: 45%

"...a markedly different experience than the 7 Year Old expression, but of equally high quality and just as enjoyable in its own right." - drinkhacker.com

Dave Russell from rumgallery.com points out, Australians should feel privileged to have access to the fine rums of Cuba. "US relations with Cuba is easing slightly, but more change is needed to end the stalemate of the past half-century, that prevents Americans from traveling freely to Cuba or even purchasing Cuban rum in the States. Most American rum lovers just don’t know what they’re missing...Trust me, you won’t turn commie, but you will gain an appreciation for the true taste of traditional Cuban rum craftsmanship."

A high point in the Cuban pantheon is Havana Club's 'Seleccion de Maestros'. It replaces the Cuban Barrel Proof with new packaging, however, apparently it's the same rum. Maestro Don José P. Navarro Campa starts with delicate light, sipping rums aged in extra-old American oak barrels to impart an amber hue and smoothness, then combines them with more complex aged rums. It's reportedly triple barrel aged, first in x Bourbon barrels, after which individual casks are selected and blended and aged further in a second set of younger barrels. Following that, the Maestros sort through these barrels, pick their favourites, and blend them again for a third and final maturation. The selections only happen once a year. The result is consistently delicious.

Other reviews... the results speak for themselves. The nose is intense and deep, a bit of a departure from Havana Club’s usual approachability. The nose includes light smoke, leather, nuts, and charred orange peel. On the palate, the extra alcohol is immediately noteworthy, giving the Seleccion more of a sherried character, along with notes of raisins and plums, incense, cinnamon, and tobacco. It’s a markedly different experience than the 7 Year Old expression, but of equally high quality and just as enjoyable in its own right. - drinkhacker.com

It probably goes without saying that this is primarily a sipping rum.  Even a dedicated rum and cola drinker such as myself recognises this.  At 45% I was expecting a little extra punch to the rum.  Maybe a little extra burn or heat to the drink.  Not a chance.  Seleccion de Maestros is such a well blended and well-balanced spirit that it’s smoothness shines through. There is very little roughness or aggressive spirit tones when sipped.  This is a real well aged authentic Cuban Rum.  It is smooth and complex with a flavour which is quite distinct.... This is a very good rum, it is smooth yet sufficiently complex.  So many smooth rums are laced with sugar leading to a very one-dimensional profile.  This rum offers complexity and tasting notes which I can only begin to touch upon.  Peach, Apple, Herbs, Tree Sap/Resin, oak.   Each sip seems to reveal something new. The finish is long, spiced and leaves a slightly creamy note to the palate.  It’s the perfect finish.  This is an excellent sipping rum to pair with a cigar. The rum is ideal for someone who enjoys a less sweet possibly more oaked profile.  Having said that I am fond of the Demerara and Bajan style yet I am finding this Cuban expression to be very enjoyable. I confess I mixed a very small amount with an equally small amount of cola.  It was as expected very pleasant but I did feel I was missing out on that wonderful sipping experience! 4 Stars - thefatrumpirate.com