Heavy Water Vodka (750ml)

$89. 99 Bottle
$1079.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%
An ultra-premium vodka launched in 2005 and made on the Blomberg Estate in Västra Götaland County located in West Sweden. Produced from starch heavy Winter wheat via continuous distillation and filtered somewhere between two and four times (the exact number is a secret known by only the Master Distiller, Mika Pirttimaeki). Water is sourced from a recently discovered underground lake that originated back in the last Ice Age, 5-10,000 years ago. Its name is taken from the rare isotope D20 (deuterium oxide), which scientists refer to as "heavy water". The award-winning bottle design is finished with an Italian-made metal cap with a rod placed down the center of the bottle that also acts as an aerator each time you pour. The producers say, " “Releasing aerated aromatics and oxygenated flavours make our vodka taste unique and unlike any other vodka produced.” Marketing aside, this really is great vodka!

Tasting note: Pristine clarity / rainwater pure. Soft, floral aromatics offer suggestions of cream, sweet grains and white pepper followed by hints of marshmallow in the second pass. Satiny, light to medium bodied profile is super-clean, minerally and gently peppery ; wonderfully crisp and vibrant. Concludes minerally, long and chalky with the initial sweetness deftly balanced. Lipsmacking, drier-styled Martini vodka. Outstanding.40% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... Appearance: Crystal clear. Aroma: Mineral, dusty nose with faint hints of burnt toast and fennel. Taste: Clean palate with faint cereal bran, aniseed and slightly burnt toasted almonds. Aftertaste: Prickly cracked black pepper finish with faint cream of soda. 4.5 stars. - www.diffordsguide.com

Gold Medal 94 points “exceptional” - www.tastings.com

4 stars Superb/Highly Recommended. - F.Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal