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Hammer & Son Old English Gin (700ml)

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ABV: 44%

Old English Gin is made from a 1783 recipe, distilling eleven botanicals in a John Dore copper pot still called 'Angela', the oldest pot still being used in England for gin today. By using recycled bottles, organic sealing and silk printed labels, all as they did back in 1783, the company has set about reinvigorating the way English Gin was made and distributed back in the day. It's guaranteed to catch the eye of any gin fanatic from across the bar! As for the style, this is slightly sweetened. Many people would place in the 'Old Tom' category.

Tasting note: Clear. Good lift with distinct piney juniper / lemon peel and white pepper aromatics. Aeration shifts the accent to orange peel. Rich and nicely rounded with a semi-sweet, creamy texture and broad strokes of juniper, pepper and lemon cough lozenge to finish. Concludes slightly drier, gently peppery with moderate vibrancy. Would lend itself to cocktails. 44% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... Appearance: Crystal clear. Aroma: Classic musky, nutty angelica aromas of damp wood and mushrooms lead the nose with pine fresh juniper. Rubbery liquorice, cassia, earthy-clean hamster cage orris root and relatively faint citrus aromas. Taste: Superbly rounded palate with juniper just rising to the fore with the other 10 botanicals presented as a uniform front. The sugar content is hard to discern other than by the soft mouth feel. Aftertaste: Long, slightly hot pepper, lingering juniper finish with citrus notes more pronounced than on the palate or nose.
Rating: 5 Stars Outstanding. - diffordsguide.com