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Grand Marnier Cuvee Louis Alexandre Triple Sec Liqueur (700ml)

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ABV: 40%

Made with Orange and Fine Old Cognac Brandy, Grand Marnier is a society favourite and one of the worlds best known curacaos. Distinguished by the fact that the spirit base is exclusively prized Cognac, Grand Marnier tastes faintly like a combination of curacao and Benedictine with a strong orange background. Aged in the cellars of Chateau de Bourg in Cognac and blended with oranges from the French West Indies, this rich amber liqueur has a fragrant, mellow and lingering taste.

Initially only available in a handful of duty-free shops around the world, Grand Marnier Louis-Alexandre contains Cognacs from Fine Champagne and the Borderies region. It differs from the original in its style due to the reduction of sugar, making this a nice, drier alternative for those who simply don't want anything too sweet.

Other reviews… This liqueur has an amber hue and candied orange and marzipan aromas. The viscous, distinctly sweet palate swirls together dried fruit, honey and baking spice, emerging as amaretto cookie, orange cake and honey cake. Orange zest leads the long finish. Mix or enjoy as a post-meal sipper. 82% VSOP cognac, 18% orange liqueur. 94 points - Wine Enthusiast, reviewed by: Kara Newman 2023