Gold 999.9 Gin (700ml)
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Gold 999.9 Gin (700ml)

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ABV: 40%

A homage to a gin created in the early 20th century which was said to have been made in a pot still made of gold. At the time, excavation works were taking place in Alsace where a site with antique valuables was found. Amongst them was a gold pot still. After these objects were deemed to have no historical value, they were put on sale. One of the buyers was an amateur distiller, a man who immediately fell in love with the still. He spent years of his life looking for the perfect spirit, finally creating a gin with tangerine and hints of vanilla and almonds. He named this special spirit Gold 999.9 as he considered it to be his liquid gold. Botanicals include juniper, almond, vanilla, cassia bark, gentian violet, poppy, tangerine, coriander, violet flowers and angelica root. The colour is bright gold with pale straw edges. On the nose there's big citrus input; think orange cake or tangerine peel and possibly hints of chamomile. Given more time in the glass and it essentially smells like triple-sec. The entry is light following through to a medium dry, juicy orange cake / citrus peel profile that finishes dry, delicate and gently warming. Call it contemporary, 999.9 is undeniably very orange dominant - to the point of being hard to classify as gin. 40% Alc./Vol.