Glayva Liqueur (500ml)
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Glayva Liqueur (500ml)

$61. 99
$743.88 Dozen
ABV: 35%

The name of this unusual liqueur is a phonetic rendering of the Gaelic "Gle mhath!" (meaning "Very good.") First introduced in 1947, Glayva, like Lochan Ora, is a unique blend of Scotch Whiskies which are then carefully married with a rich variety of natural herbs, honeys and other flavourings. The result is a distinctive, original taste that you either love or hate. Some find it slightly medicinal. 35% alc/vol

Other reviews... Color of an amber amontillado Sherry. Assertive nose brims with clean, mildly sweet aromas of anise, honey, heather, bacon fat and malt whisky. Displays a controlled sweetness on the tongue; midpalate highlights astringent tastes of malt whisky, botanicals and herbs. A high-quality liqueur that deserves a wider audience. Best Buy. 90-95 -