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Giniu Gin (700ml)

Sardegna, ITALY
$179. 99
$2159.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%

This is the flagship gin from Silvio Carta, considered one of the most prestigious distilleries and wineries in Sardinia. Prized for its purity, Giniu is created exclusively from fresh juniper berries from the Sardinian coast. There are no other botanicals in the mix.

Tasting note: Clear with a creamy nose-feel offering moderate aromas of pine buds and hints of lemon mousse. A light to medium bodied style. Soft-textured flavours of crushed pine needles, dried herbs and white pepper. Drying juniper finish. Try it in a Negroni. 40% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... Giniu Gin is surely one of the best Italian Gin you can find on the market, the general quality is better then the other gins, let’s admit it clearly, because you will never be able to reproduce this gin elsewhere... Juniper in Sardinia is easy to find, in its sub-species “Juniperus phoenicea” or in Italian “ginepro coccolone”, because of its big greenish “cones”, that have a different aromaticity from the juniper we’re all used to smell and love. Giniu’s Juniper smells fresher and “greener”, and it’s really inviting, a smell that everyone who has wandered in a Sardinian beach can remember. Traditionally, these “cones” were illegally distilled to produce something like a gin, called “giniu” locally, a spirit that was forgotten in recent times and that this brand wants to relive. The link with the territory is evident then, and it offers the chance to use some of the most interesting botanicals I ever smelled in a gin: myrtle, pistacia lentiscus or mastic, thyme, wild fennel, lemon and Salvia desoleana and juniper of course. They all come from Sardinia and you can tell it. - gintitaly.it