Germana Traditional 2 Year Old Cachaca (700ml)

$88. 99
$1067.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%

The Germana distillery was founded in 1912 by Sergio Caetano in the town of Nova Uniao in the state of Rondonia. Distilled from fermented sugar cane broth, Germana 'Traditional' was aged for two years in French oak barrels. Each bottle comes wrapped in banana-plant leaves. Expect a slightly tangy, oaky, woody style with hints of grape must and honey, plus a little vanilla sweetness. Drink neat or in rum cocktails. 40% Alc./Vol.

Produced as early as 1532, Cachaca is considered a national drink amongst Brazilians who consume an astonishing two billion litres a year. Added to this figure are annual exports of around 9.3 million litres which ranks Chacaca as one of the largest selling spirits in the world. It is the basis of the Caipirinha (pronounced Kaay-peer-REEN-ya), which became one of the world’s most popular cocktails towards the end of the millennium leading to a world Cachaca shortage. The spirit has been in demand in Australia for some time with many bars using white rum as a substitute. While Cachaca is also a sugar cane distillate, and so similar to white rum, it is not distilled from molasses but from the juice of unrefined sugar cane of which only the first pressings are used. A maturation process of several weeks (or longer) in wooden vats allows the flavour to soften, making the taste lighter and smoother than many white rums.