Galliano Vanilla Liqueur (500ml)

$46. 99
$563.88 Dozen
ABV: 30%

Unmistakable in its unique long tapered bottle, Galliano liqueur is named after Major Giuseppe Galliano, a member of the Italian Expeditionary Corps in the Italian-Abyssinian conflict of 1895-6, as a tribute to his heroic stand at the fort of Enda Jesus where he held out for forty four days before being ordered to surrender.

Galliano was traditionally made at Salara, fifteen miles north of Milan, however, recently other countries have begun producing it under license. Forty herbs, roots, flowers and other botanicals, including key ingredients like vanilla and anise comprise the recipe. Seven infusions, seven distillations, two blending stages and a six month marrying period are involved in the production. Galliano is standard stock for any serious bar around the world.

Other reviews... Vibrant, electric yellow with a faint, greenish hue. Rich anisette cookie, candied citrus peel, vanilla bean, and herb aromas. A round, silky entry leads to a lightly sweet medium-bodied palate with delicate star anise, vanilla cake frosting, and peppery herbs. Finishes with a long palate cleansing fade. Beautifully balanced with great texture and flavor. 30% alc/vol.
International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal
92 points (Exceptional)

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