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Gabriel Boudier Saffron Gin (700ml)

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$1139.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%

Saffron Gin is a unique recipe discovered in the archives of France's colonial past when England and France both claimed India as their jewel, and Gins rich in exotic botanicals were fashionable. Apart from Saffron which gives this Gin a delicately spicy character, seven other fresh botanicals are used including Juniper, Coriander, Lemon, Orange peel, Angelica seeds, Iris and Fennel. Saffron Gin is only produced in small batches using a traditional pot still, so at this stage availability is limited.

Tasting note: Brilliant deep orange/gold appearance. Semi sweet scents are of orange and mandarine peel over more subtle juniper notes. Delicate spices emerge after time in the glass with suggestions of saffron. A mild entry leads into a light to medium bodied palate that repeats the citrus peel-over-juniper theme. Soft, gently spicy mouth feel. Concludes refreshingly dry followed by a delicate juniper and spice aftertaste. If there’s saffron evident it comes through very late (more texturally than taste wise) and in such a subtle way that if you weren’t looking at the bottle, it wouldn’t enter the flavour equation. Would integrate well into citrus based cocktails but this is definitely not a gin that works well with tonic. 40% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... The bright orange/new copper appearance is the result I assume in part, of FD&C Yellow #5 coloring agent as stated on the label; no sediment seen; since this gin contains saffron, why artificially bring the color to such an outlandish orange degree? A potential turn-off aspect to bartenders who pay attention and like natural products. Opening sniffs detect plenty of juniper and mild herbal notes upfront; further aeration time doesn’t stimulate more in the way of ginny aromas. Entry is strikingly sweet and seed-like; midpalate focuses on the herbal bittersweet and piney/juniper components but little else. Ends on a pleasant note of coriander, juniper and barely perceptible fennel. The high level of sweetness and the phony looking color might present mixing problems. They should try a hint of color, not the neon approach. Not Recommended. - www.spiritjournal.comsize>

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