Gabriel Boudier Poires William (700ml)

$69. 99
$839.88 Dozen
ABV: 30%

The pear tree was first grown in ancient Europe. Pliny recorded thirty eight different species. Today, that figure is estimated at more than five thousand. The liqueur is produced by distilling the fermented juice of the Williams variety, hence the name "Poirre William."

Gabriel Boudier's Poirre William is today produced by Pierre Battault's three sons Jean, François and Yves. Quality, tradition and innovation are the three key words behind the success of the company. Their demand for perfection is upheld by state of the art research, efficient partnerships with a selection of top local Dijon fruit suppliers and meticulous quality control. Their entire range of fruit liqueurs are sold on all five continents in over 60 countries and have made the Dijon district of Burgundy famous. In every genre, from their classic blackcurrant liqueur, through to their fruit brandies and chocolate specialities, Gabriel Boudier’s products are of uncompromising quality. This version of Poire William does not contain the ripe pear which is traditionally grown in the bottle as it hangs on the tree. It does however, come packaged in the classic pear shape. Highly recommended. 30% alc./vol.