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Fiorente Elderflower Liqueur (700ml)

$58. 99
$707.88 Dozen
ABV: 20%
Since 1875 the Francoli family have been distilling plants, fruits and flowers in the village of Campodolcino, high in the Italian Alps. Their fifty years of experience with elderflower products culminated in the release of Fiorente in 2014.

The Elder tree (Sambucus Nigra) grows in abundance throughout Europe but it's in north west Italy, with its warm Summers, cold Winter and fertile soils where the plant achieves perfection. The Francolis harvest the sweet-smelling flowers at the end of Spring when they're at their most aromatic.

The elderflowers are dried and transported to the carbon-neutral distillery where they're macerated in alcohol. Fresh mint leaves and Sicilian lemon juice are infused separately to extract the aromas, before all the distillates are slowly blended together. Finally, honey from the family's own hives is added.

Tasting note: Brilliant gold. Powerful aromas of elderflower alongside hints of ripe mango, lychee and muddled mint becoming more floral with air contact. Viscous with juicy, mid palate sweetness balanced by delicate herbal / mint freshness. Faint elderflower aftertaste. Try adding a dash to Prosecco. 20% Alc./Vol.