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Finn's Barrel Finished Gin (750ml)

$110. 00 Bottle
$1320.00 Dozen
ABV: 45%
Produced by the Chicago Distilling Company (founded in 2010), Finn's gin is made from a corn based neutral spirit which they buy in to macerate botanicals such as Sichuan peppercorn, dried orange peel, green cardamom, hibiscus, juniper, coriander, cassia and cubeb. Following maceration, Finn's is re-distilled to recover the clear gin spirit.

The barrel aged version sees the gin finished in a combination of virgin & ex bourbon casks for a 1-3 month period.

Tasting note: The deep brassy gold colour is bright and clear. Slightly subdued but with pleasing scents of pencil shavings and saw dust alongside subtle notes of apple sauce, cinnamon, lemon meringue and woody juniper. Silky, medium bodied delivery offering delicious flavours of apple strudel, cinnamon and ripe juniper followed by a delicate pine and menthol lozenge finish. Excellent length. Beautifully balanced wood aged gin with the barrel input deftly handled. 45% Alc./Vol.

Gold Medal 2015 American Craft Spirits.