Empirical Spirits The Plum, I Suppose (500ml)

Copenhagen, DENMARK
$89. 99 Bottle
$1079.88 Dozen
ABV: 32%
For this edition, Empirical Spirits set out to make a spirit based on plum kernels - these lie within the pits of all plums. They have a rich fragrance, fruity top notes and marzipan undertones. In both appearance and taste, they most closely resemble almonds. In this example, the Stanley variety of plums, known for its plump, dark blue-skinned fruit with yellow flesh was employed.

Distillers, Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen add, "The name is an internal joke — you’ve probably realized that most of them are — and a reference to the Robert Frost poem, 'The Rose Family.' In the spirit, you get a slight plum fruit flavor that is swiftly surpassed by the marzipan notes of the seed. The top notes are misleading: there is no fruit in the spirit at all."

Best served chilled, neat or over ice with citrus Soda. Keep it refrigerated once opened. 32% Alc./Vol.