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Elephant Gin (500ml)

$69. 99 Bottle
$839.88 Dozen
ABV: 45%
Delicious, distinctive and vibrantly styled gin...and you feel good buying it!

This terrific new gin created by Robin Gerlach is inspired by a passion for Africa. In fact, 15% of all bottle profits go to two African Elephant charities.The gin is fantastic, and the packaging follows through - each bottle is named after a different elephant (handwritten on the label by a volunteer calligrapher) that's under the care of "Big Life Foundation" and "Space For Elephants". Botanicals include the savannah's "superfruit" Baobab, the extraordinary Buchu plant with a flavour similar to blackcurrant, and African Wormwood. Locally sourced spring water, fresh apples and other select ingredients include elderflower, ginger and pine needle.

Tasting note: [BATCH 'Antenna' tasted] Crystal clear. A superb gin bouquet offers lifted and fresh-as-can-be, bright herbal, grapefruit-like scents in the opening phase followed by hints of pine needle and crushed eucalypt. Aeration draws lemon myrtle and mixed citrus peel to the fore. A light to medium bodied, citrus peel, pine needle profile crescendos with peppercorn and gingery heat, perfectly balanced, ending dry with hints of citrus zest and lemon myrtle in the aftertaste. Delicious, distinctive and vibrant. Gorgeous gin. 45% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... 2017 World Spirit Award Gold medal, 2016 World Spirit Award Double-Gold medal and 2017 International Spirits Challenge Trophy award.