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El Dorado 151 Superior Overproof Rum (750ml)

$99. 99
$1199.88 Dozen
ABV: 75.5%

The El Dorado distillery has assured supplies of its basic raw material, molasses, from locally-grown sugar-cane. The company makes the full gamut of styles, including this 151 proof rum. Use with caution and keep away from open flames. It may light up your cocktails, literally. Include in Mai Tais, Rum Runners and punches.

Tasting note: Crystal clear with a silvery blush. Offers up notes of icing sugar, fairy floss and vanilla bean. A sweet entry belies the spiritous explosion, repeating the aromas with lip numbing intensity. At this ultra high ABV there’s a prickly, hot mouthfeel, the finish is bittersweet, more texture than flavour, and fairly short. Add to the punch bowl. 75.5% Alc./Vol.