Echt Stonsdorfer Liqueur (700ml)

Silesia, GERMANY
$64. 99
$779.88 Dozen
ABV: 32%

The company which produces this liqueur was established in 1810 in Stonsdorf near the source of the river Elbe in Silesia. Today the business is run from Hamburg, at the other end of the river. Christian Koerner was an experienced distiller and when he took over a brewery in Stonsdorf he was already studying a number of curative herbal drinks produced informally in the locale. Echt Stonsdorfer was his creation based on what he had learned. The formula for the drink is unusual in that it is based on fruit juice (from wood-blueberries) which comprises about 10% of the mix. There are 43 ingredients in all which yield a full–bodied, bitter fruit flavour.
32% alc./vol.

Notes sourced from "Classic Spirits of the World" – Gordon Brown, Multimedia Books, 1995size>

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