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East London Liquor Co. Ltd Barrel Aged Gin (700ml)

$135. 00 Bottle
$1620.00 Dozen
ABV: 52%
First launched in 2016, this barrel aged gin is rested in oak for several months before bottling (maturations will vary from batch to batch). The quality of the wheat base spirit really comes through.

Tasting note: Frail straw-gold colour is almost water like. Super pure aromas include high pitch juniper, grapefruit and low key vanilla. Air contact turns this attractively herb-like evolving notes of thyme, lavender and cardamom. Quite relaxed given the ABV; flavours of peel heavy marmalade, citrus oils and piney-juniper. Spices up momentarily becoming softer to finish as trace juniper, dried herbs and hints of anise enter. Keenly tuned barrel input with all the right notes retained. Outstanding. 52% Alc./Vol.