Dunnet Bay Distillers Rock Rose Old Tom Pink Grapefruit Gin (700ml)

$99. 99
$1199.88 Dozen
ABV: 41.5%
An Old Tom style made using organic pink grapefruit. Peels are added to the botanical basket and vapour infused along with traditional gin botanicals. Sea buckthorn and Rhodiola rosea add an extra dimension. Before bottling, it's lightly sweetened with muscovado sugar. Expect a citrusy gin balancing juniper and vanilla sweetness with a finishing tang of grapefruit. 41.5% Alc./Vol.

Other reviews... [Batch 3 tasted] Zesty with pink grapefruit and piney juniper to the fore.... far from sweet. In fact, despite the added sugar we consider this a dry gin. 4.5 stars - diffordsguide.com