Doorly's 5 Year Old Barbados Rum (700ml)
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Doorly's 5 Year Old Barbados Rum (700ml)

$89. 99
$1079.88 Dozen
ABV: 40%

The bouquet is semi-sweet with hints of dried grass among the raisins, rum-balls and fruity dark chocolate notes. Silky on entry, leading into an easy-drinking, medium-bodied rum hinting at dried mango, semi-ripe pineapple, light molasses and fruit cake. Ups the intensity in a vibrant, spicy, characterful finish, the sweet fruity notes re-bounding. Bottled without added sugar or flavourings. 40% Alc./Vol

Other reviews... I think Doorly’s is the most famous brand by Foursquare Distillery, and I believe it’s a blend of pot still and column rums. I had liked their Doorly’s XO a lot a few years back (WF 85). Colour: gold. Nose: vanilla and raisins plus Swiss milk chocolate and notes of cane juice at first nosing, then deeper, albeit tiny notes of earth and leaves. Oranges coming out after just two minutes, while the whole remains rather ‘easy’ and even a notch light. It’s a gentleman. Mouth: very good, bright, with oranges and cane juice, you’d almost think this is a readymade dry cocktail at high strength. Sips very well, even if it’s not a very complex rum. A wee touch of coconut – but can you say ‘wee’ about rum? Finish: medium, clean, cane-y. A little tobacco and more oranges in the aftertaste, as well as mangos. Comments: feels natural. Loved the easy fresh fruits in it, now I think it’s much less ‘phenolic’ than the XO. 80 points -

...When compared to the likes of the similarly priced Appleton V/X or Chairmans Reserve, it is a lot more refined and less edgy. In terms of mellowness it reminds me more of Appleton Reserve 8.  ...It’s not the same taste wise but in terms of heat and spice. It’s pretty sophisticated. I’d say it has a lot more going on than the English Harbour 5 year old, for example.  It is certainly a step up from Mount Gay Eclipse and even Cockspur Fine Rum... This is a serious contender for best rum in its price bracket.  It really is a great introduction to Bajan style rums. In fact its a good introduction to “real” rum in general. 4 stars -

...I tried the 5yo after the 8yo and expected a younger (obvious) harsher rum but it is actually easier and sweeter (for a 100% dry rum) than the 8yo. Less complex, less oaky, less sophisticated but also fruitier and more sweet notes make the 5yo a really pleasant, very affordable enjoyable sipper. On the nose it is very inviting with some vanilla, a touch of smokey oak, sweet oranges and some alcohol. On the palate the orange and vanilla combine to a fruity fudge-like sweetness (again, it is really a dry rum) with a pinch of pepper. The oak is much more in the background than with the 8 yo Doorly's. Very well balanced and nothing out of tune. Lovely little rum and at this pricepoint very hard to beat. Definitely not my last bottle! -