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Don Papa Masskara Rum (700ml)

$175. 00 Bottle
$2100.00 Dozen
ABV: 40%

Don Papa Masskara is a limited edition celebrating the famous party on the Philippines’ Negros island, going by the name of Masskara (aka 'Smile party'). It's essentially the original Don Papa rum enriched by mixing in other local ingredients including honey from the Kanlaon forest, the Filipino citrus variety Calamondin and local Siling Labuyo chillies. The striking label was designed by Olaf Hajek.

Other reviews... In a body of this rum you can smell and taste the original Don Papa's vanilla, although there is additional taste of the honey and dried fruit. It is really sweet rum, already close to Elixir rums. 40% Alc./Vol. - rumratings.com