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Domaine des Hautes Glaces Les Moissons Single Malt Organic Spirit (700ml)

$115. 00
$1380.00 Dozen
ABV: 42%

Note: Some lifting to the rear label.

Made using organic barley grown and malted on-site at Domaine des Hautes Glaces in the alpine region of south-east France.

Run by Fred Revol, owner and master distiller, Domaines des Hautes Glaces is a farm-to-glass operation, growing, malting, brewing and distilling from its own 100% organically grown rye. Distillation takes place in a small copper pot still through which the spirit passes three times. The still is heated directly by a wood-burning fire, which is manually controlled. The entire approach is an attempt to harness the terroir of the region.

This bottling is a blend of three vintages of barley (2010-2012) grown on a single plot of the Estate, "The Climate Andrieu". The spirit is matured in a combination of virgin Troncais oak casks as well as those which previously held either Cognac or white wine from the Southern Rhone.

Tasting note: Almost waterlike with a light straw blush. Offers gentle and pure aromas of grain-store, weetbix and cream becoming more bread-like with exposure. Light to medium bodied with a delicate combination of vanilla, sour-dough bread and hints of sauerkraut. Ends with a peppery surge. Subtle weetbix aftertaste. Very softly spoken. Non chill filtered with natural colour. 42% Alc./Vol.