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    Dobson's Distillery Oak Aged Saffron Gin (750ml)

    New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
    $89. 99 Bottle
    $1079.88 Dozen
    ABV: 47%
    Tasting note: Intense yellow-gold with thick legs. Offers unusual hints of crushed ant and orange cordial in the opening sniff. Second pass finds juniper/menthol freshness infused with hints of lemon thyme and saffron. Feather-light, supple, rounded mouthfeel with delicate cumin / turmeric / saffron-like flavours over refreshing background juniper. Restrained vanilla sweetness enters at the finish. Closes with faint saffron, bitter peel and ginger-like warmth in the aftertaste. Understated yet engaging. Enjoy this as it is. 47% Alc./Vol.