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Diplomatico Distillery Collection No.2 Barbet Rum (700ml)

$150. 00 Bottle
$1800.00 Dozen
ABV: 47%
The Barbet Column distillation system, originally created in France was brought to Venezuela the same year as the Batch Kettle - 1959. The still is made of 100% copper, aiding the elimination of undesirable compounds which form during the fermentation process. Aged in x Bourbon barrels and produced from high quality sugar cane molasses, the Barbet Column typically produces a distillate with a strong fruity profile.

Tasting note: [Batch 3 tasted] Slightly lighter in colour and on the nose than the No.1, this seems all round softer and better structured; almost floral with distant citrus blossom and fresh honey notes over deeper, richer scents of vanilla cream and dried tropical fruits, especially banana. Fabulous mouthfeel, with a viscous, semi sweet entry, building with fanning spices towards a perfectly balanced finish. Raw sugar, cinnamon, light liquorice and dried banana late in the creamy, long and delicately spiced aftertaste. Great rum. You'd expect this to be reserved for something special. 5000 bottles. 47% Alc./Vol. Very limited stocks.