Dictador Insolent XO Rum (700ml)

$180. 00 Bottle
$2160.00 Dozen
ABV: 40%

Considered by many rum enthusiasts to be one of the highlights in Dictador's portfolio, 'Insolent' employs pre-used barrels including a significant percentage of oak from Jerez, Spain, as well as barrels that previously contained Port wine. Towards the end of the aging process, earmarked barrels are emptied and subjected to an open flame process which 'caramelizes' the rum soaked staves on the interior. These barrels are then refilled with the same rum allowing the spirit to integrate the sweet caramelized flavours. The final rum is blended to showcase a range of exquisite notes including fudge,vanilla, parfait caramel and Colombian coffee.

Other reviews... This is a medium bodied rum which leaves the palate sweetened with yummy butter pecan and butterscotch toffee while at the same time heating it with glowing coals of cinnamon and oak spice. The sweet and the spice linger and then as they fade are replaced by that mouth-watering Coffee Crisp candy bar.The Dictador Insolent Rum is full of sweet and spicy character, and just might be as close to rum perfection as I have tasted. It is one of those rare spirits which I am loath to mix into a cocktail, and from me, that is high praise indeed! 40% Alc./Vol. - therumhowlerblog.com