Dictador 12 Year Old Rum (700ml)
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Dictador 12 Year Old Rum (700ml)

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ABV: 40%

The Dictador company was founded in 1913. This molasses-based rum is produced via continuous column distillation and aged in pre-used oak barrels via the solera method. The deep gold appearance is accompanied by liqueur port-like aromas, then more familiar rum notes of sticky date pudding, raisin, cocoa and vanilla making for a decadent sniff. Aeration brings the rum full circle with the superb sweet, fruity fortified wine notes accented again. Entry is surprisingly light and agile compared to the richness of the aroma - almost oloroso sherry-like in style; mid palate crescendos with a medium dry sherry-like burst that’s rich and nutty, followed by subtle cafe-creme and molasses flavours. Concludes tangy and light with a nutty, vanilla, cocoa and dilute molasses aftertaste. Impressive - especially given this is the company's entry-level standard. Tasted from a 25ml sample. 40% Alc./vol.

Other reviews... This is quite an unusual rum, heavy on the nose with notes of walnut nougat, marshmallow, and vanilla. That complexity continues into the palate, where a heavy, Demerara sugar-fueled sweetness awaits. Notes of sweet cream and cinnamon stick give this a decadence usually only seen in ice cream or Mexican desserts, unctuous and becoming almost gaudy with its sweetness from the moment it hits the tongue to the long, mouth-coating finish. It’s an epic rum, and that’s both a good and a bad thing. On its own, Dictador 12 is a bit overwhelming, but in a cocktail its unyielding boldness of flavor can add a surprising dimension to a cocktail. - drinkhacker.com

...Dictador Solero isn’t anywhere near as dark as the bottle might lead you to believe. Its a lightly brown coloured rum which is quite transparent in the glass.  It’s a very intense, pungent smelling rum similar to Pampero Anniversaro.  The taste of the Dictador initially is very much of coffee.  If you sip this rum then that will be the taste you will definitely get the most, cold coffee.  I suppose it being Colombian that kind of makes sense.  For the record this isn’t a criticism its really very nice sipped.  With a little cola the rum really comes to the forefront giving an intense smoky flavour. I found this rum to be very moreish (the darkness of the bottle hides the fact I’ve drank most of the bottle).  If you like rums which are a little different to the norm and enjoy a complex dark aged rum you will enjoy this rum.  It still has a fruity taste but it has a lot more going on that just being sweet... If you want to try something different then give this a try.  It is also available in a few 20 year old versions.  They too have reviewed well online though I’m yet to try any of the more expensive one’s. - thefatrumpirate.com