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Dictador 12 Year Old Rum (700ml)

$94. 99 Bottle
$1139.88 Dozen
The Dictador company was founded in 1913. This molasses based rum was produced via continuous column distillation and aged in pre-used oak barrels via the solera method.

Tasting note:The deep gold appearance has some floating particles evident. Quite liqueur port-like at first, followed by more familiar rum notes of sticky date pudding, raisin, cocoa and vanilla make for a decadent sniff. Aeration brings the rum full circle with the superb sweet, fruity fortified wine notes accented again. Entry is surprisingly light and agile compared to the richness of the aroma - almost oloroso sherry like in style - mid palate crescendos with a medium dry sherry-like burst that’s rich and nutty, followed by subtle molasses flavours. Concludes tangy and light with a nutty, vanilla, cocoa and dilute molasses aftertaste. Superb. 40% Alc./vol.