Depaz Cuvee de la Montagne Pelee Rhum Blanc Agricole Rum (700ml)

$109. 99
$1319.88 Dozen
ABV: 45%

Depaz's 'Cuvee de la Montagne' was exclusively harvested from cane growing in the volcanic soils on the slopes of Montagne Pele. The fresh-pressed cane juice was fermented for 48 hours, distilled in a copper column still to 70% ABV, then slowly reduced with water over sixty days. Before bottling, it was rested in stainless steal tanks for at least three months. The result is a floral rum with notes of orange blossom, sweet banana and spice.

Notes from Depaz... NOSE: fruity, floral and complex aroma, with a specific mineral touch. PALATE: the attack is sweet and honeyed, with a very elegant floral flavours. Sugar cane, orange blossom, banana combined with spicy notes of pepper and tobacco follows. 45% Alc./Vol.