Darling Distillery Gin (700ml)
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Darling Distillery Gin (700ml)

Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
$74. 99
$899.88 Dozen
ABV: 42%

Founders Karlos Gudic, Sean Waddingham and Ben Evans renovated Clifton Hill's 130-year-old Royal Hotel in 2020, making room for a 300-litre still that currently makes two gins. 'Darling Gin' is their classic London Dry, distilled with locally sourced botanicals like rosemary, oranges, green tea, lemongrass and pepperberry. Aromatically, it's bright and citrus-driven hinting at lime zest and grapefruit, with coriander, white pepper, juniper and dried herbs in tow. Those notes lead into medium-intense flavours of Meyer lemon and honey yoghurt, ending in a linear, peel-fresh, piney finish with lingering spices. This elegant, drier-styled gin is also surprisingly powerful at 42%.

GOLD  -  Australian Gin Awards 2021 - Classic Dry Gin