Darling Distillery Coffee Gin (500ml)
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Darling Distillery Coffee Gin (500ml)

Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
$64. 99
$779.88 Dozen
ABV: 38%

This Melbourne specialty involves a week-long maceration of cacao nibs, hazelnuts and wattleseeds in the distillery's Darling Gin, blended with cold-drip coffee from Abbotsford’s Coffee Supreme and the natural sweetness of dates. Not sweet enough to be a liqueur, and with none of the traditional botanical notes associated with gin, the focus is on rich espresso coffee and intensely fruity dark chocolate flavours. Beneath that - and where the gin does become apparent - is the finish, adding a citrus and pepper lift that works to relieve the mid-palate sweetness. It's a bit of a stretch to call it gin, but it is better than many coffee liqueurs. Serve neat on ice with a thin slice of orange or shaken martini style. 38% Alc./Vol.