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Crusoe Organic Spiced Molasses Spirit (750ml)

$79. 99
$959.88 Dozen
ABV: 35%
This spiced specialty is made from fair trade organic molasses, micro-oxygenated to bring out the flavour of the sugar cane. Additions include whole allspice, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and vanilla, hand sliced and crushed, as well as hand zested fresh California oranges.

Readers should note, in any other country, this would be labelled as Rum. The reasoning behind the 'Molasses Spirit' labelling, is that in Australia for a product to be called a rum it must be aged in barrels for 2 years. With this product, the producers, "Greenbar Collective", skip the entire barrel aging and charcoal filtering process, as the filtering process removes a significant amount of the cane profile. Australia is the only country that defines rum this way.

Visitors to the Bacardi plant have noted that batches are matured differently for different markets, and Australia has its own giant vat for just this reason. Any colour imparted by the mandatory two years in oak is stripped out before bottling.

Tasting note: Bright polished copper. Ideal clarity. Compelling scents of ginger bread, baklava, cinnamon and clove leap from the glass offering an authentic Spiced Rum bouquet. The palate contrasts the aroma - keenly dry throughout with a breezy opening preluding a convincing cinnamon / clove / ginger flourish that packs some genuine heat. Concludes bone dry, with a prolonged ginger and cinnamon aftertaste. Consider this when you’re next shopping for spiced rum. 35% Alc./Vol.