Coravin Device Model Eleven

$900. 00 Bottle
$10800.00 Dozen

Coravin Model Eleven is the latest addition to the Coravin family – the first Bluetooth connected and fully automatic Wine Preservation System. Simply insert the Needle through the cork, tip the bottle, and automatically pour your wine. Its LED display features intuitive icons that let you know when to charge your System or replace the Coravin Capsule. You can even optimize your argon gas usage by switching between pour sizes at the press of a button. The light ring changes from blue to green when the System is fully engaged in the bottle and ready to pour. Model Eleven connects to the Coravin Moments App to check your system stats and craft unique wine moments with food, music, and more.

Please note at this stage the Coravin Model 11 does not work with Rockford Basket Press and Rifle Range bottles due to their irregular shape. 

This pack contains:

  • Coravin Unit Model Eleven
  • Carry case
  • 6 x Coravin Screwcaps
  • Display Base
  • 6 x Coravin Capsules
  • Coravin Aerator
  • USB Cord