Combier Mandarine Liqueur (500ml)
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Combier Mandarine Liqueur (500ml)

Saumur, Loire Valley, FRANCE
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$539.88 Dozen
ABV: 25%

In the history of cocktail making, orange is arguably one of the most used liqueur ingredients. A closely related expression employs mandarines, but besides the famous Mandarine Napoleon, few other producers have offered the citrus in liqueur form. Typically mandarines from Sicily are lightly ‘crushed’ then macerated in neutral distillate to harness the full flavour of the meat of the fruit. Loire-based distiller, Combier have introduced their own version. While not as intense as some curacaos, we love the way this accents the pith-peel aspect of the fruit on the nose in a very natural way. That's echoed on the palate which captures the luscious character of ripe mandarines, balanced by a touch of acidity at the finish. Even though the ABV is lower than its cognac-based equivalents, this will make a delicious contribution to Margaritas, Brandy Crustas or Mandarin Spritz. 25% Alc./Vol.