Combier Guignolet d'Anjou Cherry Liqueur (700ml)
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Combier Guignolet d'Anjou Cherry Liqueur (700ml)

Saumur, Loire Valley, FRANCE
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ABV: 17%

Using locally grown 'guignes' (small wild cherries), this liqueur's almond scented nose is brought about by the fruit's stones which are included in the lengthy maceration. Its deep cherry-red colour anticipates the medium-sweet aromas of marzipan, maraschino and fruit cake that are echoed on the palate where a touch of sour cherry competes with subtle notes of crushed almonds; there's hints of icing sugar and cherry-ripe chocolate too, but there's also enough 'tartness' to hold it together. Typically served straight and lightly chilled, you can see why this light and breezy liqueur would work so well as a Summer aperitif or as an ingredient in simple cocktails (it's recommended with gin and vodka in particular). Other sources claim it adds a 'vintage gourmet' vibe to chocolate pudding or ice cream. Guignolet liqueurs were first produced in the 17th century at a Benedictine Monastery (La Fidelité de Saumur) nearby Combier. Mother Madeleine Gautron was chosen to be the prioress at just 23 years of age and part of the cloistered nun's work was making liqueurs, including the sought after Guignolet of Anjou. While the monastery has now disappeared, the liqueur remains. It was Gautron's recipe that her descendant, Georges Gautron is said to have entrusted to James Combier in 1890. Set in the medieval town of Saumur, Jean Baptiste Combier, a confectioner by trade, continues the tradition of using guignes grown in the orchards surrounding the distillery. 17% Alc./Vol.