Combier Creme de Violettes (Violet) Liqueur (500ml)
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Combier Creme de Violettes (Violet) Liqueur (500ml)

Saumur, Loire Valley, FRANCE
$44. 99
$539.88 Dozen
ABV: 25%

Distinguished from Parfait Amour which is similar in appearance but built on a curacao base, Creme de Violettes is made by extracting the aromas and flavours of violet petals. This forgotten bar standard of the 19th century is now being rediscovered by contemporary mixologists. Transluscent violet to deep purple in colour, its light fragrant character offers an evocative infusion of floral notes that are reflected on the palate with a delicacy befitting the genre. Should you desire an Aviation, a Blue Moon or a spectacularly layered Pousse-Cafe, you'll need a bottle of this liqueur classic at hand. 25% Alc./Vol.