Cointreau Blood Orange Liqueur (700ml)

Angers, FRANCE
$64. 99 Bottle
$779.88 Dozen
ABV: 30%
A travel retail exclusive, Cointreau Blood Orange is an interpretation of the house style that has its roots in the century-old mastery of orange selection and distillation. Bernadette Langlais, master distiller at la Maison Cointreau, selects intensely aromatic blood oranges found on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. She then distills their peel along with those of the signature sweet and bitter oranges of Cointreau. At her request, blood oranges are harvested just at the right moment, when their peel contains high concentrations of the essential oils that are then captured by distillation.

All-natural and crystal clear, this is considered a new expression rather than a mere flavour-extension of Cointreau. Langlais explains, “I researched painstakingly a distinctive orange variety that would allow this new dimension and I found that the most aromatic fruits were available only in the orange groves of the Mediterranean island of Corsica. The unique combination of the Mediterranean climate and the rugged Corsican soil gives the blood orange its vitality, intense aromas and exquisite taste. It’s also a rare fruit that grows only in this area of the world. On the nose, Cointreau Blood Orange offers a voluptuous bouquet that opens to reveal a cascade of zesty citrus notes. The interplay of three orange varieties creates a profoundly rewarding complexity of taste. This is a spirit of exquisite fullness. Its natural brio offers a vibrant new twist on the classic, inimitable Cointreau signature.”

Panos Sarantopoulos, CEO La Maison Cointreau comments, “Cointreau Blood Orange is an avant-garde expression of the art of our House and a tribute to our Master Distiller’s talent. We have reserved its world premiere for travel retail, so that the millions of Cointreau lovers around the world will first discover it as a treat during their travels this year. Cointreau Blood Orange stands beautifully alongside Cointreau and Cointreau Noir. Together they give every reason to put Cointreau centre-stage in all those travel retail outlets that make a point of being ahead of the game.” 30% Alc./Vol.