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Clairin Vaval (700ml)

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$1199.88 Dozen
ABV: 49.3%

Clairin Vaval is sourced from the village of Cavaillon, three hours drive from Port au Prince. A heirloom variety of sugar cane called "Madame Meuze" is the focus here. The fresh cane juice was distilled at the Arawaks distillery under the direction of Fritz Vaval before being bottled at natural strength. Founded after the war by Fritz’s father Danois Vaval, the estate possesses 20 hectares of sugar cane grown without the addition of fertilizers or artificial pesticides.

Tasting note:[2016 vintage 48.8% Alc./Vol. tasted]Clear with thick legs. A whiff of herbal freshness, also a lovely yeasty / bready / grassy character to the nose. Very pure. Air contact adds hints of varnish, pickle, brine, icing sugar, dilute molasses... Exceptionally soft at this ABV. Medium bodied, dry and fresh with a herbal-bready entry. Sweet pickle flavours, brine and developing oiliness. Ends bone dry, minerally, yeasty with anise / dill freshness lingering. Great stuff.