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Clairin Casimir (700ml)

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$1199.88 Dozen
ABV: 53.3%

Clairin Casimir from the village of Barraderes uses a heirloom variety of sugar cane called "Hawaii". The fresh cane juice was distilled at the Faubert Casimir distillery before being bottled at natural strength.

Tasting note:[2016 vintage 48.3% Alc./Vol. tasted] Clear. Some fusel / varnish notes before the bouquet evolves an appealing grassy, caney aspect. Brief exposure evokes powerful scents of fruit cake / brine becoming more fresh and grassy after 3-4 minutes in the glass. Full bodied, but nicely poised with off-dry flavours suggesting dill pickle countered by waxy, yeasty notes. Hints of rubber, then gingery warmth and grassy freshness through the aftertaste. Complex, vibrant and delicious white rum.