Citadelle Wild Blossom Extremes No. 2 Gin (700ml)

$100. 00 Bottle
$1200.00 Dozen
ABV: 42.6%
The first of the Citadelle Extrêmes was launched in 2016 (Old Tom No Mistake). Its success encouraged Alexandre Gabriel to continue the series with this 2017 release - "Wild Blossom" gin.

Employing the same base as the original Citadelle, this offers an even more floral profile with a new infusion of wild cherry blossom petals and a total of twenty botanicals including iris, cubeb, violets, grains of paradise and nutmeg. Its character is accentuated by a five month ageing process in sweet cherry wood barrels, a species of wood characterized by red fruits and fresh hazelnut.

Notes from the producer: Color : Pale gold. Nose : Fresh and very fruity. Prominent juniper berry blending with almond, cherry and grapefruit. A floral note evolves with jasmine and ylang-ylang, followed by musky and smoky notes. Palate : Rich, opulent, with a sweet and sour profile of preserved lemon rind, green grape and cubeb pepper. It evolves into cocoa with very precise notes of violet and rose. Finish : Very long cumin note, evolving into cherry and grenadine. 42.6%